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The company has a modern production base, developed & nbsp; infrastructure and communications: production workshops, access roads, own substation, auxiliary production sites and other infrastructure allowing to produce at least 3000 MVA of modern high-voltage products per year: power, measuring, special transformers, package transformer substations, providing warranty repair and maintenance of high-voltage equipment. Own design, technological, project departments and high-voltage test center allows to skillfully ensure the technological process and certification of manufactured dry and oil transformers with power up to 63 mW of voltage class up to 110 kV. Safety and quality of the company's products are confirmed by certificates of conformity & nbsp; of the Republic of Uzbekistan & nbsp; and Russian Federation. The quality system of «CHIRCHIQ  TRANSFORMATOR ZAVODI» JSC  is certified according to the integrated quality management system of ecology, healthcare and safe working environment according to the international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and ОНSAS 18001: 2007. For the last 30 years, the company's products have been supplied to more than 30 foreign countries: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, Korea, Morocco, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Iraq, Iran, Cuba and a number of other states.



Partial reconstruction of the enterprise and technical re-equipment of a number of important technological areas allowed improving the quality of winding insulation, reducing losses in transformers, as well as reducing energy consumption in general. All this made it possible for the plant to adopt new technology for manufacturing measuring high-voltage transformers of current and tension type of the TFZM (ТФЗМ) and  class of NKF (НКФ) 110 kV, as well as a new type of single-phase traction transformers for electric locomotives. Currently, «Chirchiq  Transformator Zavodi» JSC produces:

1. The powered oil and dry transformers for cold, moderate and tropical climate:

• Powered oil transformers with voltage of 6 (10) kV, power 25 ÷ 4000 kVA;

• Powered dry transformers with voltage of 6 (10) kV, power 63 ÷ 2500 kVA (with insulation type "NOMEKS");

• Powered oil transformers with voltage of 35 kV, 110 kV, power up to 63000 kVA double and triple-winding;

• Tractive transformers for electric locomotives with a voltage of 10 kV, 25 kV, with a power of 1600, 2000, 4350, 5000, 5700, 8000, 8500, 10000 kVA.

2. Complete transformer substations:

  • Pillared substations of KTPS type with a power from 25 kVA to 250 kVA, for power supply of small pumping stations, residential villages, farms;
  • Substations for outdoor installation of KTPN ( “Kiosk” type) of dead-end and pass-through implementation with power from 63 kVA to 630 kVA, voltage of 6 (10) /0.4 kV, for power supply of residential areas of towns, small industrial facilities;
  • City substations of indoor and outdoor installation of type GKTP with a power of 160 ÷ 1000 kVA, voltage 10 / 0.4 kV, designed to provide electricity to residential areas of cities;
  • Railway substations of type KTP with a power of 25 ÷ 250 kVA, voltage 35 / 0.4 kV;
  • Substations of internal installation of type KTP with a capacity of 250 ÷ 2500 kVA, voltage 10 / 0.4 kV for industrial enterprises;
  • Stationary and mobile block substations of type KTPB and PKTPB with a power of 1000 ÷ 25000 kVA, voltage 35/10 (6) kV and power 2500 ÷ 40000 kVA, voltage 110/10 (6) kV, 110/35/10 (6) kV;
  • Complete distribution devices of voltage class 6 ÷ 10 kV, type KRUV-10, KRUV-10TM;
  • Complete switchgears for internal installation, small-sized, VM-1 series (manufactured under the license of “Amper” JSC, Kremenchug city, Ukraine);
  • Cameras prefabricated for unilateral servicing of the series KSO-6 (10) -E1 “Aurora” (manufactured under the license of the “Eltekhnika” , St. Petersburg);
  • Cameras prefabricated for unilateral servicing of the KSO-205 “Aurora” series (manufactured under the license of “Amper” JSC, Kremenchug, Ukraine).

3. High-voltage complete products:

• Build in current transformers type TVT-35 and TVT-110;

• Measuring current transformers type TFZM-35B and TFZM-110B;

• Measuring voltage transformers type ZNOM-35-65 and NKF110-83;

• Load switches of alternate current of type VNRU-10/400, VNRUP-10/400 and RVZ-10/400;

• High-voltage disconnectors of the type RLND1-10B / 400, RDZ1 (2) -35/1000, RDZ1 (2) -110/1000;

• Blocks of switches-defenders of type BPV-1, BPV-2, BPV-4