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The history of the establishment of  “Chirchiq transformator zavodi” JSC begins in 1932, when the electromechanical workshops of the trust “Chirchikstroy” were established for the manufacturing and repairing of electrical equipment of the Chirchik hydroelectric power station and the nitrogen-fertilizer plant.

1942 -  on the basis of the electromechanical workshops of the “Chirchik-story” trust and the equipment and personnel of the evacuated plant “Electropult” from Leningrad, the “Electroshield” plant was organized, which became the only enterprise in Central Asia that produced during the years of wars electric boards, power transformers, substations and other electrical equipment.


1942. -  April 12, the plant was given the name "Electroshield".

1962 - The plant was renamed to Chirchik Transformer Factory.

1995 - With the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the enterprise became a joint-stock company and was renamed into “Transformator” OJSC.



2001 - The enterprise was renamed “Transformator” JSC by the decision of the shareholders meeting.

2004 -  The state block of shares was sold, and the plant was transformed into a joint venture with foreign capital in the form of an open joint-stock company and again renamed to Chirchik Transformer Factory. In 2013 99.97% block of shares was transferred to the ownership of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on privatization, demonopolization and development of competition.

2015 -  in the framework of the State Property Privatization Program for 2015-2016, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 06, 2014. For No. N PP-2123, the state block of shares of JSC “Chirchiq transformator zavodi” in the amount of 99.5% is to be transferred to the initial charter capital of "Uzeltehsanoat" JSC



The history of the development of the products:



1945 – Power steping-down transformers were adopted and produced  at 50, 100, 180, 320 kVA, with voltage of 6 / 0.4 and 10 / 0.4 kV.

1945-1954. -  Adopting od production of power transformers TM-50kVA, voltage 6.0 / 0.4 V, welding machines CT-22, SA-P, SAM-P.

1952 - For the first time in the USSR, 6 kV switchgears (KRU - 6 kV) were developed and manufactured for using at power plants and substations, and in the same year, a TMO-50 type transformer for heating concrete was manufactured.  

1954 - The production of inventory transformer substations IKTP, with a power of 180kVA, was adopted.

1955 - More powerful types of STN-500 welding machine have been developed and adopted.

1958 - Complete transformer substations of urban type GKTP 180/6 / 0.4.1 were developed and adopted.

1961 - New complete transformer substations KNTP-1000 completed with TMZ-1000 power transformer have been developed and adopted. At the same time, the production of new transformers of the TMZ type with a power of 630-1000kVa was adopted.

1963 - Production of substations with transformers TMZ-630-1000 in aluminum version of windings instead of copper ones; TMN-2500/100 transformer, as well as transformers with a voltage level of 35kV of ТМ-1000-35 type; 1600/35.

1965 - Development and production of transformer TD-1000/35.

1970 - A transformer with non-combustible filling of TNZ-1600/10, power transformers TMN-1000-6300 / 35, TMN-2500/110, TMN and TMTN-6300/110, transformer substations KTP-630-1600 / 10 with the machine “Electron” are developed and manufactured.

1973-1976 - Mobile block transformer substations on automobile and railway were adopted and produced.

1977 - The production of transformers for electric locomotives type ОДЦЭ-8500/10 was started.

1982 - The production of single-phase transformers of small dimensions of TS, TST, with a power from 6.3 to 25 kVA was adopted.

1991 - Mass production of the following types of products was adopted: Transformers TD-10000 / 35-87; TD-16000 / 35-87, TMN-2500/110 with a switch RS-12 TDN-10000 / 110-80, block substations APKTPB-2h4000,6300 / 35 ХЛ

1993-2000 - Created and equipped the production of single-phase transformers TSU 1.0-2.5; TS-TST, electromagnets MO-100, MP-301, MP-101, block transported KTP and other types of products.

1995-2001 - The mass production of the following types of products was adopted: Transformers TDTN-40000/110; TDTN-63000/110 TRDN-40000/110; TRDN-63000/110.

2008-2012 - a large-scale modernization of production technology was carried out, more than 50 units of modern technological equipment were purchased.