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The company «CHIRCHIQ  TRANSFORMATOR ZAVODI» JSC was founded in 1942 and has been successfully operating in the machinery construction market for 75 years, producing transformers and complete transformer substations of voltage classes kV with capacity from 25 to 63000 kVA and repairing various complexity power transformers of voltage classes up to 500 kV inclusive, with a capacity up to 125000 kVA.  Today, «CHIRCHIQ  TRANSFORMATOR ZAVODI» JSC, a leading enterprise of the electrical industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a modern, high-tech enterprise with established traditions in the field of quality, staffed by a highly qualified team of specialists, with a high degree of reliability of products.








In 1983 transformer substations of type (KТП-1600/10) were installed at the facilities of the government complex of buildings of the Moscow Kremlin. The power supply of the launch complex during the implementation of the Soviet-American space program SOYUZ-APPOLON was provided by the «SYSTEMA» transformers, specially designed and manufactured by the Chirchiq transformer factory. 









In 1982, on a special order of Moscow government there was produced double transformer substation (КТП-1000/10), equipped with own transformers of its own production; it was installed and successfully operates at an altitude of 300 meters of the Ostankino television complex.