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Today, the company, in accordance with the development strategy has moved to a new stage of its development. The management and production management system was reorganized by attracting highly qualified specialists from abroad, introducing an automatic management system, and installing the latest office equipments.

As part of the program to modernize production, the latest technological equipment of the Austrian company Gebauer&Griller for insulating winding wires was purchased and installed.

The newest line - a semi-automatic welding machine for power transformer tanks, a press brake with ChPU “TruBend 3120” and a coordinate-penetration center for sheet processing with ChPU “TruPunch 1000” manufactured by TRUMPF (Germany).


Vertical milling processing centers VF-2VNU and turning machining centers SL-20THE of company HAAS (USA).

Waterjet cutting machine –WJ2060B-1Z-D produced by PTV sro (Czech Republic), universal Bedicrop press shears from GEKA (Spain), Pegas 240x280 SHI-R band saw machines from PEGAS-GONDA (Czech Republic), tube bending machines "Ineco Master" of the company "INEKO" (Spain), a tire processing center with CNC type M12125 manufactured by the company "Doganer Makine" (Turkey), ChPU cutting gas and plasma machines “RUR 2500GP” complete with plasma source “Hupertherm HPR-130” (USA), guillotine shears for cutting and sheet bending presses for processing sheet metal produced by the company “Schroder Fasti” (Germany), shot blasting pneumatic chamber BLASTECO – BE 1267 and spray booth manufactured by Getrasur SAS (France), a line for coloring transformer substations with powder enamels in an electrostatic field of Stalker.

For the production used a modern technological equipment by leading companies in the world. The plant has one of the best cutting lines of electrical steel "Georg" (Germany) in the world. The use of plates of the magnetic circuit obtained on this line of cutting, allows for the blending of magnetic cores with an oblique butt of the plates according to the so-called "STEP-LEP" scheme, dramatically improving the quality of manufacture of the magnetic cores.

 We pay great attention to the development of new modern products. The plant has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing new products. Constant improvement of technical characteristics and designs is ongoing. Research and testing laboratories are equipped with equipment that allows for the necessary testing of products.

Among the company's customers are industrial giants of Uzbekistan: the state company “Uzbekenergo”,  Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the State Railway Company,  “Uzkhimprom” Joint Stock Company, “Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Co” company and many others.

The company has experienced, qualified personnel who are able to design and manufacture transformers and complete transformer substations in any non-standard version for individual orders, to ensure the fulfillment of any special customer requirements.

In the manufacturing of products used technologies, complete devices and units of productions by leading European manufacturers of high-voltage equipment, concerns ABB, SIEMENS, AREVA.